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Comparative Market Analysis 33040

Contact me and get a free comparative market analysis in 33040! You should know about the market before moving forward with your sale. I’m a trustworthy and reliable REALTOR® who stops at nothing to bring folks the results they want when purchasing a home, and that’s why I’m the one who brings people something more and then some. You’ll want me to be your go-to agent for all things local real estate.

I offer a free consultation online or over the phone. Let’s chat about your needs, budget, and timeline for selling, so I can help you plan a win. This area of Key West is a hotspot that’s always in demand, so finding interested parties is not the hard part. If you’re going to get what your home is worth in this market, you need to be able to market the property to qualified buyers. This means your home needs to be able to pass a property inspection for the banks to sign off on it.

Part of my service includes researching your property on the MLS to review bank and court tax documents, asset appraisal info, property inspection reports, and market trends. This helps me do two things: # 1- determine an accurate sale price and 2- calculate the cost of the most critical repairs needed to secure buyer financing. You can tell me about upgrades, repairs, renovations, and damages. The more we cover on a free call, the clearer your view of the road ahead.

So, if you need a comparative market analysis in 33040, call or go online to get started. I enjoy providing this free service to the public because I know it adds tremendous value to anyone serious about getting the most out of their investment. When you see what you stand to gain with my help and expertise vs. the uncertainty of trying to reinvent the wheel, I have no doubt that the information in your hands will be all you need to do what’s best for you.

Helpful tips: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/realestate/12/real-estate-valuation.asp

  • Get a professional comparative market analysis in 33040 on a free call with a local real estate expert specializing in home valuation.

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